Dr. Ken Nordberg's do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting Revised 2001 Edition

Dr. Ken Nordberg's Bear Hunting School DVDs

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Dr. Nordberg taught his Bear Hunting School for over 2 decades. He decided to stop teaching this class in 2005. John Nordberg, Dr. Nordberg's oldest son, video-taped the last 2 years of the school (2004 & 2005). Now, Dr. Nordberg & John Nordberg have collaborated to create a new DVD version of Dr. Nordberg's Bear Hunting School.

In the past, Doc's Bear Hunting school took place in conjuction with his Buck Hunting School. The afield instruction included: identifying and measuring sign -- including tracks, droppings, bear rub trees and bear scratch trees; identifying sow and boar ranges -- including identifying various types of foods, and much more.

The main thrust of Doc's instruction in these DVDs are the step-by-step instructions that teach his famous technique designed to get the bear standing at short range quartering away from the hunter's stand. This is shown on his bear book covers and in the following illustration:

If this is your first hunt, and don't want to waste your chances this year, you need to get these DVDs. If you have hunted bears before and had trouble with the bears only hitting your bait crib at night, you need to get these DVDs. If you have been able to get 250 pound or smaller bears, but have been unable to get a big one, you need to get these DVDs. If you are a bear hunting guide and want to use Doc's technique -- like many other guides do -- you need to get these DVDs.

Over the years, Doc has given hundreds of slide presentations to thousands of hunters at hunting shows and a variety of hunting groups. Often, the lighting conditions at these various locales was less than ideal and the projected slides were difficult to see. Many hunters have wished they had a video version of these presentations. At Doc's hunting schools, he gave a long version of his slide presentation. In this 2-disc set of DVDs, Doc's main set of bear slides and photos were all scanned, digitally remastered, and inserted into the video of Doc's classroom instruction. Additional, slides, photos, and graphics from Doc, John, and other members of the Nordberg crew were also added.

Over the years, John Nordberg has been taking video at deer & bear camps. Footage from the Fall of 2009 includes Doc's granson Tyler getting his first bear using Doc's technique.

Dr. Ken Nordberg's Bear Hunting School DVDs is a unique product. The information he teaches is scientifically based. It works. There is no other product on the market that you can buy that will increase your knowledge and skills, and will improve your ability to hunt big black bears like this set of DVDs.

If you plan on following Doc's advice, and plan on getting these DVDs for this season, then you need to do something right away. (Check your local hunting codes on acceptable bait first.) Find a butcher, or butchers, and ask them to start saving you beef scraps. Ask the butcher to freeze the scraps in blocks small enough to fit in your coolers. Typically, each hunter will need 3 to 4 blocks about 50 to 75 pounds in size. Two hunters with 3 bait stations could use up to 12 blocks of beef scraps. There is more advice in the DVDs on bait of course.

The cost of Doc's hunting school in 2005 was a very reasonable $630. We are selling this 2-Disc set of DVDs for $24.95 plus, tax, postage & handling. (Dr. Ken Nordberg's Bear Hunting School "DVD Order Form PDF".)

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Title: Dr. Ken Nordberg's Bear Hunting School

Producer: John Nordberg (Dr. Nordberg's son)

Most Recent Price: 2-Disc DVD Set $24.95

First Copyright Date & Publication: 2009

Total Run Time: 3 hours 40 minutes

Disc 1 Chapters

  • Opening Credits
  • Introduction
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Be Careful!
  • Ranges
  • Track length
  • Foods
  • Bear sizes
  • Bear signs
  • Tracks
  • Droppings
  • Flipped rocks
  • Ant hills
  • Bear scratch trees
  • Sow ranges
  • Boar ranges
  • Locating your stand site
  • Picking your tree
  • Tree stand height
  • The stand site clearing
  • Making the bait crib
  • Six Foot Logs
  • Setting up the perfect shot
  • Positioning Bait
  • Baiting
  • Beef scraps
  • Other baits
  • Fermented Grain Recipe
  • Oil ring
  • Paint the trees
  • When to bait
  • Preparing to go out

Disc 2 Chapters

  • Opening credits
  • The Rule of Six
  • Going out
  • Here comes the bear!
  • The shot
  • After the shot
  • The bear is down
  • Field dressing
  • Preserving your bear
  • Questions & Answers
  • Honey Burns
  • Field Instruction 2004 & 2005
  • Bear Rub Tree 2004
  • Bait Stand Site 2004
  • More bear sign examples
  • Bait Stand Site 2005
  • Sensible ATV Use
  • Bear Rub Tree 2005
  • Four Bear Hill 2005
  • Tyler’s first bear
  • Field dressing Tyler’s bear
  • Closing
Dr. Ken Nordberg's Bear Hunting School © 2009
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