Dr. Ken Nordberg's do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting Revised 2001 Edition

Dr. Ken Nordberg's Whitetail Hunter's Almanac 7th Edition

John Nordberg -- Dr. Ken Nordberg's "Johnny-on-the-Spot" whitetail hunting technique combined with his "Cruise Trail" technique -- explained in his 8th Almanac -- is perhaps the most sophisticated and deeply developed method of hunting big bucks ever developed and explained in print. You can plan all you want before the season, but after it starts, you have to adapt quickly. By scouting ahead of time, by planning ahead, by using previous season's knowledge, by building cruise trails, by picking alternative ground blind locations, and their approach trails, all ahead of time, you greatly improve your odds of changing where and how you hunt a big buck in real-time during the season. Chapter 9 is unfortunately about me. While I wounded a buck, which I am not proud of, this story is a great example of how to use the two-man technique of trailing and killing a wounded animal. When I finally got that buck, it was one of my proudest moments in hunting. Every hunter has a solemn obligation to make their best effort to recover a wounded animal. Right now Dr. Nordberg is out of stock of this edition. Watch for it on eBay. Check with hunting bookstores -- they might still have some in stock. Maybe it will go through another printing someday.

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Title: The WhiteTail Hunter's Almanac 7th Edition

Author: Dr. Ken Nordberg

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First Copyright Date & Printing: 1994

Number of Pages: 148+

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Johnny-on-the-Spot Buck Hunting
Key on Vulnerable Deer
Scout Daily
Quickly Hunt Vulnerable Deer
Step 1: Pre-Season Scouting
Locating 2-3 Suitable Quarries
Locating Mid-Hunt Scouting Areas and Approaches -- Range Element Scouting
Identifying Buck Range Elements
Likeliest Current Locations and Next Destinations of Adult Bucks
Locating and Identifying Range Elements of Adult Bucks
Adult Buck Bedding Areas
Lesser Adult Buck Bedding Areas
Lesser Adult Buck Bedding Areas During Rut Phases II and III
Adult Buck Feeding Areas
Principle Feeding Areas of Adult Bucks
Principle Feeding Area No. 1
Principle Feeding Area No. 2
Principle Feeding Area No. 3
Principle Feeding Area No. 4
Principle Feeding Area No. 5
Post-Storm Feeding Areas
Adult Buck Watering Spots
Trails Frequented by Adult Bucks
Buck Scrape Trails
Adult Doe Range Elements
Adult Doe Bedding Areas
Adult Doe Feeding Areas
Adult Doe Watering Spots
Minimizing Changes in Buck Range Utilization Attributable to Hunting
Locating Approaches to Mid-Hunt Scouting Areas
Locating Probable Stand Sites and Approaches
Selecting a Stand Site for Opening Morning
Step 2: The Opening Half-Day Hunt
Last-Minute Mini-Scouting
Adjusting to Opening Morning Weather
Using a Stool for Whitetail Hunting
Free Excerpt
How to Make a Portable Stool Suitable for Whitetail Hunting
The Perilous Journey to Your Stand Site
Success vs Non-Success
Step 3: Daily Scouting
When to Scout
Where to Scout
How to Scout
Be Prepared to Shoot
Caught by Surprise
Step 4: A Succession of Half-Day Hunts

Chapter 2: On the Trail of a Wounded Buck

Chapter 3: Cover-All-Bases Buck Hunting

Chapter 4: Antler Mountain Showdown

Chapter 5: Attacked by a White-tailed Buck

Chapter 6: Lyme Disease

Epilogue: Cry of the Fawn

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