Dr. Ken Nordberg's do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting Revised 2001 Edition

Dr. Ken Nordberg's Whitetail Hunter's Almanac 4th Edition

Whitetail Hunter's Almanac, 4th Edition: a guide to all signs (200+) made by white-tailed deer. The only book of its kind ever written. It's a must for keying on adult bucks, the foundation for regular hunting success. This book provides instructions for using signs to identify fawns, yearling does, yearling bucks, adult does (2 - 14 years of age), 2-1/2 year-old bucks and 3-1/2 to 6-1/2 year-old bucks (only 4% survive past age 7) wherever they are hunted. It illustrates and explains how to identify important home range elements such as feeding and bedding areas, how to determine which of the five phases of the rut is in progress, plus where to hunt bucks during each phase, and it explains how to assign hunting values to deer signs

John Nordberg -- Just like in the 2nd Almanac, I remember what is was like when Dad came out with this book. His scientific research into whitetail signs forever changed deer hunting. I remember outdoor writers -- who had performed no scientific research -- trying to discount his research. Do you have buck track lengths memorized? Do you measure them with a ruler? This was a major change for expert hunters. Defining the stages of alarm, why ground scrapes are made, defining the various types of antler rubs -- all of these were revolutionary. All are critical bits of hunting knowledge. This makes this Almanac a "must-have."

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Title: The WhiteTail Hunter's Almanac 4th Edition

Author: Dr. Ken Nordberg

Most Recent Price: $9.95

First Copyright Date & Printing: 1991

Number of Pages: 147+

Table of Contents:

Author's Introduction

Chapter 1: Sign Basics and Guidelines
Basis for Identifying Deer via Signs
Sign Analysis Tools
Scouting Techniques
Three Question Sign Analysis
Activity -- Principle Sign
Predicting Future Whitetail Movements
Triggering Factors and Responses
Some Other Notable Changes
Deer Sign Hunting Value Ratings

Chapter 2: Tracks and Trails
Individual Tracks
Tip-to-Declaw Measurements -- Northern Whitetails
Hoof Lengths Where You Hunt
Track Formations
Tracks and Other Signs of Wounded Deer

Chapter 3: Droppings
Droppings of Minnesota Whitetails, Fall
Clumped Droppings
Droppings of Secure vs Alarmed Deer
Shiny Droppings
Dull Droppings
Mixed Droppings -- Fresh and Old
Mixed Droppings -- Various Sizes
Buck Droppings at Antler Rubs and Ground Scrapes
Feeding and Bedding Area Droppings
Dropping Lengths Where You Hunt

Chapter 4: Whitetail Beds and Bedding Areas
Whitetail Bedding Areas
Bed Lengths -- Northern Whitetails
Temporary Beds
Bed Lengths in Hunting Area

Chapter 5: Buck Antler Rubs
Why Bucks Make Antler Rubs
Velvet Rubs
Breeding Range Rubs
Buck Bedroom Rubs
Old Rubs
Rage Rubs
Non-Rut Trail Rubs

Chapter 6: Buck Ground Scrapes
Why Bucks Make Ground Scrapes
Yearling Buck Ground Scrapes
Lesser Adult Buck Ground Scrapes
Dominant Buck Ground Scrapes
Rage Scrapes

Chapter 7: Signs of Feeding and Watering
General Characteristics of Whitetail Feeding Areas
Secondary Signs of Feeding Areas
Staging Areas
Signs of Feeding
Greens (Graze) Areas
Browse Areas
Special Food Areas
Farm Crops
Signs of Watering

Chapter 8: Whitetail Body Signs
Secure Deer
Tail-Down Stages of Alarm and Responses
Stage I Alarm
Stage II Alarm
Buck Challenge
Stage III Alarm
Tail-Up Stages of Alarm and Responses
Stage IV Alarm
Stage V Alarm

Chapter 9: Sign Values and Sign Complexes
Three Step Sign Analysis
High Value Signs
Odds Contingencies
Sign Complexes
Defining Sign Complexes
Feeding-Bedding Area Complexes
Buck Bedrooms
Trail Hubs
Stage II Avoidance Sanctuaries
Identifying Elements of STA Sanctuaries
STA Sanctuary Hunting Potential
1-in-1 Odds

Chapter 10: The Sign Method of Hunting Whitetails
Crippling Myths
Successful Whitetail Hunting Defined
Rules for Successful Sign-Orientated Whitetail Hunting
Stop-and-Go Hunting

Epilogue: The End of the Trail?

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