Dr. Ken Nordberg's do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting Revised 2001 Edition

Dr. Ken Nordberg's Whitetail Hunter's Almanac (1st Edition)

The Nordberg Family has a long tradition of hunting. However, Dr. Ken Nordberg stepped things up a notch by scientifically studying whitetail deer hunting. The skills and knowledge he has passed along to his children has also been passed along to everyone through his Whitetail Hunter's Almanac Series of books. These books contain a wealth of information. The first edition is the book that started it all.

Availability: Out of print.

Title: The WhiteTail Hunter's Almanac

Author: Dr. Ken Nordberg

Most Recent Price: $9.95

First Copyright Date & Printing: 1988

Number of Pages: 149+

Table of Contents:

Finding Big Bucks

Trophy Buck Areas of Minnesota

Trophy Buck Areas of Wisconsin

Whitetail Savvy

Whitetail Behavioral Classes

The Rut

Scouting Secrets

Whitetail Tracking Guide

Hunting Stands

Tips for Successful Whitetail Hunting

Calling Tips

Still Hunting

Tips for Productive Drives

Field Marksmanship

Buck Fever Cure

Ten Steps to Quality Venison

Record Book Bucks

Field Dressing & Butchering

Favorite Venison Recipe

What's Happening to Whitetail Hunting

How to Cure "Slob Hunting"


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