Dr. Ken Nordberg's
do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting,
Revised 2001 Edition

Dr. Ken Nordberg's do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting, Revised 2001 Edition Front Cover

Dr. Ken Nordberg's do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting, Revised 2001 Edition Back Cover

Title: do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting, Revised 2001 Edition

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First Copyright Date & Printing: 2001


Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting, Revised 2001 Edition: a guide to hunting trophy-class black bears. Until now, there has never been a book about black bears and how to hunt them that could compare with Dr. Nordberg's original bear book published in 1990. Awarded a five-star rating by Amazon, it is used by state hunter education instructors, professional guides, experienced bear hunters and first-time bear hunters throughout North America. It has enabled countless hunters to take trophy-class black bears weighing 300–600 pounds or more. After selling out in 1998, the demand for this book increased, hunters paying as much as $20–$100 for a one book on eBay. Rather than reprint the original book, for the following three reasons, Dr. Nordberg decided to write a new, revised edition:

  1. Adult black bears are becoming more wary of bait/stand sites made by humans.
  2. Crowding and competition between bear hunters is increasing.
  3. Dr. Nordberg is anxious to share new and improved baiting and hunting tactics developed since 1990.
John Nordberg — Look carefully at the cover illustration. Notice the angle of the hunter to the bear. That is one of the keys to this book. Dr. Nordberg doesn't just get you out in the woods to hunt black bears, he shows you exactly how to plan for and get that perfect shot. The best new tip in this version — which is critical — is called “Positioning Bait.” All Black Bear Hunters need to know about Positioning Bait. What a genius refinement to an already great technique! The only other thing that I can add is, look at that table of contents! Every step, every detail, from start to finish is explained in a logical order. Can't beat it!

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Table of Contents:


Author's Introduction

Ken's First Bear

Chapter 1: What Hunters Should Know About Black Bears

Sizes and Weights

Sex Characteristics







Cubs, Yearlings and Subadults


Home Ranges

Feeding Cycles

Factors That Influence the Timing of Feeding Cycles

Are Black Bears Dangerous?

The Bear on the Knoll

The Bear That Came to Breakfast

Incident on Four Bear Hill

A Chocolate Brown Bear and Others

Antidote for Danger

Chapter 2: Locating Productive Bait/Stand Sites

“Scattergun” Approach

“Let the Bears Do the Walking” Approach

“Go to the Bears” Approach

Where to Look for Bear Signs

Where Dogs Are Used to Hunt Black Bears

Recognizing and Interpreting Bear Signs

Bear Tracks

Bear Droppings

Signs of Feeding

Bear Scratch Trees


Mapping Bear Signs

Prerequisites of Productive Bait/Bear Sites

Multiple Bait/Stand Sites and Recommended Distances Between Them

Chapter 3: Bait/Stand Site Preparation

Black-Bear-Effective Stands

Dave's Trembling Balsam

Essential Bait/Stand Site Elements

When to Prepare a Bait/Stand Site

Stand Site Preparation

Stand Positioning

Stand Height

Stand Camouflage

Stand Comfort and Silence

Stand Safety

Bait Site Preparation

Dave's First Bear

Shooting Lane Preparation

Stand Trail Preparation

Bait Storage

John's First Bear

Chapter 4: Baits and Baiting Tactics

Elements of Effectiveness

Recommended Baits


Vegetables and Grain



Cooking Oils and Greases

Baiting Tactics

How to Provide Baits

The Best Time of the Day to Haul in Bait

The Rule of Six

Bait Amounts and Frequency of Baiting

Chapter 5: Preparing to Hunt Trophy-Class Black Bears

Some Facts About Shooting Black Bears

Exit Wound Capability

The Myth of Firepower

Risky Head and Neck Shots

String Trackers

Recommended Weaponry

Accuracy Under Pressure

Develop a Shooting Groove

Required Marksmanship

Recognize Ideal Shot Angles

Bear Hunting Gear

Personal Scent Management

Bear Camp

Length of Hunt

Hunting Hours


Hunting Season Baiting Hours

Preventing Bear Carcass Spoilage

Your Dragging Crew

Ready at Last

Chapter 6: Hunting Black Bears over Bait

Preparing to Head to Your Stand

Body and Clothing



Backpack Gear

Camouflaging Exposed Skin

Cover Scent, Etc.

Preparing Your Weapon

From Camp to Stand Platform

The Direct Approach

The Noisy Two-Man Approach

The Silent Approach

The Beginning Trail

The Middle Trail

The Final 100–200 Yards

Sounds That Identify Humans

A Bear at the Bait Crib

Setting Up Positioning Bait

Honey Burn

Preparing a Weapon for Hauling up to a Stand

Climbing to a Stand Platform

Buckling Up

Hauling Up a Weapon

Preparing for a Long Vigil

Rehearsing the Shot

Other Gear in Your Stand

Direct Sunlight

Biting Insects

Detecting Approaching Black Bears

How Black Bears Approach Bait Sites

A Black Bear's Sixth Sense

Chapter 7: The Shot

Responses of Black Bears to Hits

Heart/Lung Hits

Other Hits

After the Shot

When to Begin Tracking

Recovering a Shot Black Bear

Trail Signs of Wounded Bears

200-Plus-Yard Trails

A Lost Trail

When All Else Fails

Night Tracking

Approaching a Downed Black Bear

Finishing Shots

The Almost Mythical Charge

Kill Site Photos

Chapter 8: Black Bear Harvest

Field Dressing

Transporting Your Bear From the Woods

Field and Camp Care of a Bear Carcass

Emergency Measures for Preventing Spoilage

Transporting Your Bear in a Vehicle

How to Skin a Bear

Skinning for a Bear Rug

Skinning for a Shoulder Mount

Skinning for a Full Mount

Mounts with Snarling Lips

How to Butcher a Black Bear

Trophy Bear Measurements

How to Cook a Bear

Best Bear Steaks

Finer Stew

Black Bear Roast

Ground Bear


It Doesn't Get Any Better

It Does Get Better


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