Dr. Ken Nordberg's Whitetail Hunter's Almanac Information
Dr. Ken Nordberg's do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting Revised 2001 Edition
Dr. Ken Nordberg is a full-time whitetail naturalist, hunting method researcher, outdoor writer, wildlife photographer, seminar speaker, teacher (buck & bear hunting school instructor), publisher, book distributor and Feature Editor for MidWest Outdoors, and Field Editor for Bear Hunting Magazine.

Dr. Nordberg has been an avid whitetail hunter since 1945 and an equally avide whitetail naturalist since 1970. Armed with knowledge and experience gained from earning degrees in animal psychology and natural sciences and from teaching and conducting research at the University of Minnesota, his decades of whitetail studies in the field were generally directed toward creating improved hunting methods, especially methods that would improve buck hunting success.

He has written 11 books, Whitetail Hunter's Almanac 1st through 9th Edition and do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting 1st & Revised Edition. Each of his best-selling deer hunting books provides scientifically-based information on habits and behavior of wild whitetails throughout North America and scientifically-developed, sometimes wolf-inspired, instructions for new and improved ways to hunt whitetails, especially adult bucks. Each book covers one or more different subjects evolved from his 35 years of ongoing field research.

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